About Us

The Origin of Bitcoin Sunrise

Bitcoin Sunrise is the passion project of a group of traders and developers who have all put their heart and soul into a mutual vision of bringing Bitcoin to the wider public.

Our founder was a veteran in the Bitcoin trading industry. They were one of the early traders that invested in the coin before 2017, which is a testament to the belief in the coin that our founder has. In it, they saw a future for the world where economic collapse and this tiresome cycle of booms and depressions didn't exist.

For that future to be realized, though, they knew that they had to get the general public invested in Bitcoin, even if it's only out of interest rather than financially.

While the government is doing its part to further this goal, our founder wanted to be closer to the ground and help people out on an individual level. This is what led to the creation of Bitcoin Sunrise.

Creating Bitcoin Sunrise

Once the team for Bitcoin Sunrise was assembled, work began at a rapid pace. Everyone in the office was incredibly passionate about the project, so massive progress was being made every single day.

We had aimed to release at some point in the latter half of 2020, but the global pandemic put a stop to that.

Not only did the virus push our launch date back, but it also meant that the team all had to work from home. While progress was still being made, it was at a snail's pace compared to what we had been doing beforehand.

We persevered, though, and eventually got a prototype of the platform ready for testing. We gathered a pool of a select few individuals to try out Bitcoin Sunrise. They conducted stress tests, as well as UI tests, utility tests, and bug hunting.

The general feedback was positive across the board. Every tester that we worked with was impressed with what the team had managed to build, and the passion and dedication that we showed shone through.

Releasing Bitcoin Sunrise

That brings us to the point that we're at now. Bitcoin Sunrise has been released to the public at large, so the team here can breathe a big sigh of relief. That doesn't mean that we get to take a break, though, no matter how well earned it might be.

We have a goal here at Bitcoin Sunrise, and every single one of us is dedicated to it. We're going to continue working to take Bitcoin to the average person, rather than those with trading knowledge already established.

If you want to be a part of this endeavor and start your own Bitcoin trading adventure off, create an account with us today.